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You need a business plan to start, grow and manage your company effectively. It helps define your organisation’s objectives and develop a plan to achieve them. A well-crafted vision statement aligns stakeholders, attracts investors and aids growth.

AKBBS Pty Ltd offers various strategies for business and company planning formats in Craigieburn. Our team guides you through the entire process. They help you define your business objectives and come up with the best ways to achieve them. All essential information will be carefully collected and compiled into a detailed plan.

What Are Business and Company Planning Formats?

For any enterprise, big or small, business planning is essential. Strategic planning helps your organisation grow and successfully achieve the set objectives. A business and company planning document usually includes:

  • Executive Summary: It is one of the most crucial sections of the business plan. The executive summary contains an overview of your business for potential investors.
  • Company Description: This provides details of your company and what you do. It is an introduction to your business and how you are different from the competition.

  • Market Analysis: It is a primary section of your business plan. This portion of the document contains an overview of the market estimate of your product and an analysis of your current position.

  • Competitive Strategy: This section helps you pinpoint your direct and indirect competitors. It details their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it lists your advantages over them.

  • Marketing and Sales Plans: Almost all small business plans have a section dedicated to marketing and sales. This section describes your strategy for penetrating the market and reaching new customers.

  • Financial Projections: This portion details the overall costs of setting up your company. It lists your estimated expenditures required to keep the organisation running.

  • Action Plan: Here, you outline what you need to do to achieve the goals listed in your business plan.

Based on the size of your organisation, your business and company planning document can include:

  • Legal and risk management plan

  • Operating plan

  • Management and personnel plan

Importance of a Comprehensive Business Plan

At AKBBS Pty Ltd, we understand what it takes to get the job done right. A business plan provides a clear roadmap for entrepreneurs – both old and new. This is why we help create well-crafted vision statements that highlight the organisation’s potential and attract investors. Here are a few reasons why a comprehensive business plan is essential:

  • Aids in Fundraising: Strategic planning helps in fundraising for the business as and when necessary.

  • Understand Your Competition: It helps analyse your direct or indirect competitors.

  • Document Your Revenue Model: These plans document your revenue model and address associated challenges.

  • Attract Investors: Well-written business plans are a great tool for attracting new investors to the business.

Business Plan Writing Service for Your Business

Business plan writing is more than a simple, procedural task. It requires an in-depth understanding of your market and business model. This is why AKBBS Pty Ltd takes the time to discuss and fully understand your company. Knowing what makes your business unique allows us to create tailor-made solutions that cater to your industry. Our team ensures your plan becomes a key contributor towards your success.

Why Choose AKBBS for Business and Company Planning in Craigieburn?

AKBBS Pty Ltd provides expert plan writing services at affordable costs. Our strategic plans involve optimised resource allocation, setting goals and outlining steps for growth. We are one of the most reliable business plan makers in Craigieburn because we provide:

  • Tailored plans and solutions

  • In-depth market research
  • Cost-effective services

  • Dedicated customer support

For all business and company planning formats in Craigieburn, get in touch with AKBBS Pty Ltd. We understand your business and will deliver a tailor-made plan. You can call us on (03) 9308 4403 or email us at or for appointment bookings or other enquiries.


Choosing the right business plan for your organisation depends on several factors like the size of the business, the market conditions as well as your direct and indirect competition. To know more about business plan format, you can talk to our experts today.

Hiring a professional to write a business plan depends on several factors. This includes business specifics, experience in writing, and so on. You want an experienced individual for this task as proper planning contributes to your company’s success.

The business continuity plan (BCP) helps with risk management and operational planning. It plays an essential role in the organisation’s overall planning format.

There is no single, rigid format for financial planning within a business plan. Most plans follow a general structure that presents financial information. To learn more about the format for financial planning, you can reach out to our team.

The key elements of a company’s strategic plan include an executive summary, company description, market analysis and competitive strategy. It may also cover additional points like marketing and sales plans, organisational structure, and financial projections.

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